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Horsetail extract

Horsetail, or Equisetum arvense, is an herb that has historically been used as a diuretic to make you urinate more frequently. Diuretics affect the kidneys, increasing the amount of water and salt released into the urine.

dandelion root extract

Acts an anti-inflammatory and reduces muscle spasms. Commonly used a natural diuretic, it also has been used in herbal medicines as a mild laxative and helps improve digestion.

Green Tea Extract

Enhances thermogenesis, metabolism, and fat oxidation resulting in greater fat burning during exercise and while at rest.

Juniper Berry Extract

Like Dandelion root, this is also a powerful diuretic.


Increased Nutrient Uptake; AstraGin® supports increased absorption of a wide range of nutrients especially amino acids to make you get more out of each serving.

Astragin also promotes healthy gut lining and tight junction functioning, ultimately leading to associated effects like reduced inflammation in the intestinal lining.

 Supplement Facts:

Photoshot Supplement

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Trena Holmes

I ordered the black Friday bundle & I must say I really like it. I believe it's helping. The lipo shot really does give the burn. I'm still getting used to the taste because for me it's very tart but good

Arielle Matthews


Erica Shaw

I took the PhotoShop & definitely felt and saw a difference. I had no bloating and I did go to the bathroom a lot but I didn’t know if that was from drinking 2 gallons of water a day or what. I highly recommend this product

Johanna Barriera

I believe they are working I see the difference in the bloating jus tarted so giving it time


The supplement works! I tried it for three days and due to some medical setbacks I discontinued my use as a safety precaution for ME! I have nothing bad to say about the product it is SOLID! I simply listened to my body and not my ego it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

Photo Shot

Baaaby!! I've been using Photo Shot for 2 weeks now. My ankles, legs and feet always swell during my menstrual cycle. I started on day one of my cycle and within an hour I could see and feel the difference! The pills will definitely have you peeing like crazy (but keep drinking water) it's so worth it. For the duration of my cycle I was BLOAT FREE, the swelling in my ankles and feet were non existent. My legs actually looked more defined with no water retention. I was able to work out during my cycle without the heavy sensation in my legs and feet. I'm not exaggerating, Photo Shot WORKS!! (I suffer from High Blood Pressure and these pills have done more for water retention than any prescribed medication I've taken.)

Bri Dobbs

I definitely see increased definition & less bloating when using this.

Shanae Hughes
Tap-IN and Thick Quick Gourmet, Vanilla Bean

The Tap-IN pre-workout is one of the best tasting I’ve had! There is no jitters or itchiness!
Thick Quick Vanilla? It’s amazing, if I could drink it all day I would. It’s that good 👍🏽