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Body Juice
Body Juice
Body Juice
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Body Juice

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BODY JUICE is the ultimate, VEGAN-FRIENDLY, high-quality muscle recovery supplement. With BCAA EAA your can expect complete synergy from your BODY JUICE.

FLAVOR FIRST:  We put an extra emphasis on ensuring that our flavors are accurate and taste amazing!!!!  The best tasting supplements out there!


AMINO9 is a trademarked blend of branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) and essential
amino acids (EAAs). Aminos are key for recovery after long training sessions. EAAs
work by activating MTOR which helps you build muscle and heal.
The other thing is Amino’s are great as a quick meal between meals to keep your body fed.
See here for claims and some really good write ups on Amino 9
AQUAMIN is produced from a natural mineral source - calcareous marine algae
(Lithothamnion sp.), which is treated with organic acids to render it soluble in aqueous systems. The seaweed is harvested from the North Atlantic seabed.
AQUAMIN™ is rich in minerals. Magnesium, calcium and other minerals are lost
throughout the day especially when you work out. Aquamin helps to provide these
minerals back into your body.
Increased Nutrient Uptake; AstraGin® supports increased absorption of a wide range of nutrients especially amino acids to make you get more out of each serving.
Astragin also promotes healthy gut lining and tight junction functioning, ultimately
leading to associated effects like reduced inflammation in the intestinal lining.
Huperzine A
Huperzine is a cognitive enhancer to help you think clearer and boost your brain power. Huperzine-A is a compound extracted from the herbs of the Huperziceae family. It is known as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, which means that it stops an enzyme from breaking down acetylcholine which results in increases in acetylcholine.
Acetylcholine is known as the learning neurotransmitter, and is involved in muscle
contraction as well. Increasing levels of acetylcholine is routinely used as a technique
amongst weight-lifters and scholars.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews
Pink starburst

I love the taste and it does help me get all my water intake.
Overall I love all of the Freeman/Gene.In.Us products!!!!

C. Abney
Body Juice Pink Sunburst/ Hawaiian Gummy Shark

Both flavors taste amazing! It helps me to get my water intake in!

Rhea Frazier
Body Juice /Pink Sunburst

I absolutely LOVE the taste and ordered 4 more. Thanks so much for having a BCAAs with EAAs.

Shalise Shelley-Collins
Body juice

You can feel the hydration and endurance after consuming! The taste is great as well! Not bad for vitamin water!

Anali Zarate
Shake and BCAA


O. A.
Body Juice - Hawaiian Gummy Shark and Pink Starburst

I’ve ordered twice now. Body Juice in Hawaiian Gummy Shark and Pink Starburst. Both are delicious and both help me replenish and fuel my body with the nutrients I need to grow. Well done!!

Body Juice (Hawaiian Gummy Shark)

I am enjoying Body Juice A LOT! The taste is way better than the others I’ve tried in the past. It’s not over powdery and chalky, it mixes easily in cool or room temperature water and it completely dissolves.

I just ordered my second canister to stay consistent in my current program. I appreciate how it helps to keep me hydrated with electrolytes eliminating my need to buy any Gatorade/ Powerade (a total win for me). The speed of my muscle recovery has been cut in half using Body Juice and I am grateful to Luther for developing a quality product. I have become a fan of Geneinus Products and the 30 DayTransformationTeam.

Pink Sunburst body juice

Tastes amazing! My favorite one yet

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Real Ingredients

Amino 9

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