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I know that’s right 🍑

*last video got cut off short* but this strawberry cheesecake I promise is AMAZING and truly worth it AND DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN TURN THE POWDER INTO A PANCAKE !!!! (1-2 scoops of thick quick and egg) - Kathy taught me on IG !

I know that’s right 🍑

Long story short this bundle right here an with some heavy weights chileeeeeeeee it could be all in my head now but I had this for 2 weeks and I feel THICK like I can feel that thang thangin back here lol no seriously I LOVE THE STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE I never miss a day and take it at the gym and I’m hooked I’m ready for another flavor

Ab Gel

At first i thought it wasnt going to work.. soon as I warmed up.. straight ab attack. you can feel your abs working sweating deep core feel.. great sweat out..

Gréât suppléments

Thick quick pills work like a charm. It strengths your appetite and makes u want to eat everything in sight. Along with the thick shake and exercise, you will surely see results quickly.

The Burn
Only been 4 days

So far I like it, just started back at the gym and I needed to try something new to kickstart my fitness journey. I have taken this(one pill to start) in the morning before work because I do a lot of activity at work and I can say it gives me great energy, no jitters, no crash feeling. Now that I feel my body is acclimating pretty good to this new supplement, I will start taking 2 a day as directed and will definitely give an update when I have finished the bottle.

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