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ThickQuick Peanut Butter Candy

The key to building a curvaceous body is to take enough clean protein, carbohydrates and proper fats to grow. ThickQuick will help you reach your body curve goals by providing you with the highest quality protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats blended up in a variety of tasty flavors.

  • Whole food carbs.
  • Quick & slow digestion protein for muscle recovery.
  • Key ingredients for maximum muscle growth..
  • Real Peanut Butter Candy Pieces

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Antoinette Obsaint
Amazingly awesome

You see the post when Kathy mix and drink. It’s express how good and all but until one tries it man...you have no clue. So so true to flavor. In addition the chunks of candy pieces in each mix. It’s a yes for me all day. Just got a new flavor. Can’t wait to try it.

Kristen Cruz

First! I can tell you that I’ve tried and tasted so many different brands that promise this and that. I initially wanted to try this bc of the flavor. If this tasted like what it’s supposed to taste like. I was in! And it does!!! So delicious. The first week I was drinking it twice a day and gained 4 pounds. But a GOOD 4 pounds in the right places if you know what I mean. I love that the ingredients are so minimal. No extra ingredients that you can’t pronounce. I have also been on the go and have mixed it with just water and it still taste delicious. I’ve purchased twice so far and have made this a part of my regimen bc it’s literally sooo good! If you’re looking to get those extra booty gains THIS is the key! And if you’re looking for a protein that doesn’t have all the extra “stuff” THIS is the one!

Quiana DeJesus
One Word!.....Tasty!

Amazing peanut butter flavor! Sometimes i forget it’s a protein shake. I have the cheesecake flavor as well and ready for Blueberry Pancakes! Luther is a Genius for this!

😋 delicious 😋

I have tried a few brands over the years. And just now put in my 2nd order. 2 new flavors. Finally a shake I look forward to drinking.

Adriana Fuller
I love it.

My first protest shake that I ever liked. Going to try different flavors.

Jamella Stroud
The Best

I’ve tried several protein brands. Thick Quick has the best flavor hands down. My body actually feels the difference when I drink my shake.

Ashley McNeil

It works and takes great.

Monique H

Taste was amazing and I feel so good after my workout!

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The Thick Bundle
Denni Delorbe
Love the shake

Best protein shake I've ever had🥰


Wow !!! I am sooo impressed with how delicious this is!! I am not a fan of most protein, but this right here hits different!

I will definitely purchase again

The Thick Bundle
Tawana Taylor

I have the strawberry shortcake and I’m not a big protein drinker. However this protein shake is extremely good and I will continue to purchase as long as I need too. I’ve been drinking it for a little over 30 days now and I’ve gained 7 pounds.

Thick Quick

Great tasting protein powder. Not that expensive so a plus. Will purchase again.

Steven Turner
Pissy is what they call me!

I peed all my weight off! I need a coupon code to buy my 2nd bottle. I hogged the bathroom. My fam new name for me is Pissy!

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