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The ThickQuick Bundle

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The ThickQuick Bundle

The ThickQuick Bundle

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NOTE: Flavors are subject to in-stock availability. We select 5 of our most popular in-stock flavors for you!

Our Flavor First, ThickQuick Variety Bundle!!!!

The key to building a curvaceous body is to take enough clean protein, carbohydrates and proper fats to grow. ThickQuick will help you reach your body curve goals by providing you with the highest quality protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats blended up in a variety of tasty flavors.

  • Whole food carbs.
  • Quick & slow digestion protein for muscle recovery.
  • Key ingredients for maximum muscle growth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sheila Epps
The ThickQuick Bundle

I’ve tried 3 out of 5 from The ThickQuick bundle the Strawberry Cheese Cake, Almond Jolly & Cinnamon Toast Cereal. I enjoy all 3 flavors but the vegan Cinnamon Toast Cereal is my favorite. Over the years I’ve tried many protein supplements but this brand so far has been the best. Personally, I don’t need to add any other ingredients to the powder for a great taste. moreover, I don’t get acne as I have in the pass from other protein powders. I also, was able to gain and maintain my targeted weight in less than 3 months. So far, I’m definitely pleased with this protein power.

Evelitza Pabon
Protein powders/All flavors

They are all amazingly flavorful! I have added 7pds since I started on the ThickQuick protein. I am very impressed and extremely satisfied!

RESULTS!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience AND for your taste experience review. We really appreciate you!

Lemon cake

I just received my package and was wondering if I could mix it with you water

Hello love, thank you for your support! You can personalize the Thick Quick and mix with the liquid of your choice!

Lakiesha Johnson

The ThickQuick Bundle

Thank you for your review and support!!!

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This product is Awesome. It's definitely as it's advertised "Thick Quick". I've been drinking the shakes twice a day along with 3 meals a day and I see results already. I'm maintaining my weight as well as it helps me add the calories in my diet that I struggle to add myself. I have a super-high metabolism and a low appetite. I've always been slender and petite, and I wanted a little extra weight. I've gone from 147 to 175, and it looks good on me. I will continue to purchase this product. Lastly, this product tastes great, with no funny after-taste.

Latasha Vieira

If your wondering if anything taste as is says well
I got you . They really taste as they say . I didn’t trashed the strawberry cheesecake as it’s on backorder so it should be shipped to me soon I hope 🤞🏽 ! But love the taste and I been gaining as well . I added these bad boys to my calories intake and it’s helping the process ! Love it

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